About chinax.com

Make Global Trade Easier!

Launched in 2009, chinax.com is China's leading trading platform, providing trade services to millions of global buyers and suppliers.

Our Mission
For more than a decade, we have always believed and adhered to our mission: Make Global Trade Easier.

We are committed to leading the development of the industry through product, technology and business model innovation.
People Gathered Here
chinax.com has over 40 categories, 1173 industries, tens of millions of different products for sale.

More than a million visitors from 180+ countries come to chinax.com every day, they exchange information with nearly 100000 suppliers here.
  • 40+categories
  • 1173industries
  • 10 millions+ products
Buyer Service First
We always put the buyer service in the first place, and constantly improve the buyer's sourcing experience through technical means and human services.

Now, chinax.com has served more than 3 million buyers, with an annual trade volume of more than 20 billion US dollars.
  • 20 billion+Annual trade volume
  • 3 million+buyers
Close and Intimate
A multilingual sourcing assistant team is on standby in the chinax.com call center. They provide exclusive assistance to each buyer, help them getting into the Chinese supply market, match suppliers, organize online meetings, and coordinate procurement matters.

chinax service personnel all over China are also looking for new suppliers for buyers at any time, and inspecting suppliers on the spot.
Google Premier Partner
chinax.com is Google's global excellent partner, A number of technical solutions in the field of digital marketing have been recognized and recommended by Google.

At the same time, we work together with Google to help more people find new opportunities in global trade through online live broadcast, offline sharing, etc.